Deep-sea Fishing

Sajokeeps challenging for the ocean and the whole wide world.
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Sajo Group : has grown to be the world-class fisheries company with the world’s largest number of fleets for tuna in only 30 years after we made foray into the major oceans with a single boat.  We continued to make bold investments one after another, and now possess nearly 70 ships for a catcher for tuna, purse seines for tuna, Pollack trolling ship, commercial bottom longliners for cods and New Zealand trolling ship for squids. We are a reputable competitor in the field, standing parallel with the world’s powerhouses in fishing industry. In this spirit, Sajo Seafood plays a pioneering role in breaking new grounds for new food resources.

sajo seafood Osean Business

Deep-sea Ocean Fleets

Tuna Longliners

These liners catch premium tuna for sliced raw fish from the Pacific, Indian, Atlantic and the Southern Indian Ocean near the equator. Most of them are exported to Japan, contributing to an increase in foreign currency reserves.

Purse Seines

They are used for catching tuna fish and other drifting fishes with the fishing net stretching nearly 2 km by detecting them from the central-west of the Pacific. They are provided as the ingredients for canned tuna.

List of Fishes : Bluefin tuna, big-eye tuna, yellowfin tuna, albacore tuna, marlin, and more

List of Ships

No Ship Name Total Tonnage(GT) No Ship Name Total Tonnage(GT)
1 317 Ship Oryong 380 3 335 Ship Oryong 417
2 325 Ship Oryong 389 4 337 Ship Oryong 427

List of Fishes : Skipjack tuna, yellowfin tuna, and more

List of Ships

No Ship Name Total Tonnage(GT)